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How to Make Fondant Bees

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This is an excerpt from the workbook, A DIY Celebration: Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower, which is available on Amazon. Little bees made of fondant look super cute on desserts for bee-themed celebrations, such as a first “bee-day” party or a mommy-to-bee baby shower. Plus, they can be made several weeks in advance and dried so that there is no last minute rushing before the big party. Once dry, store in a lidded box such as a shoebox to keep the dust off. Don’t keep the finished bees in a sealed plastic container or they may get sticky and wilt. Fondant picks up dirt and lint easily, so avoid wearing a fuzzy sweater when you create these decorations! Makes about 20 bees. 

  1. Start by kneading paste food coloring into small balls of white ready-made, rolled fondant (about the size of a ping-pong ball) to create yellow and black. Mix a very small dab of red into the yellow ball to create a buttery hue. You also need a smaller ball of white fondant for the wings. Wear gloves or be prepared for stained hands!
  2. Roll out all three colors of fondant to a thickness of 1/16”.
  3. To form the bee’s body, use the small end of a round cake decorator’s tip to cut stacks of yellow and black discs. For each stack, cut two yellow circles followed by alternating black and yellow, ending in yellow. Wait to push the discs out of the tip.
  4. Use a dowel or blunt end of a skewer to push the circles down through the tip. Work quickly – the fondant layers stick better before they begin to dry out.
  5. Lightly squeeze the ends of the cylinder together, then roll between your fingers to smooth out the cylinder. Pinch the end with the most yellow to form the bee’s stinger.
  6. Roll a petite pea-size ball of yellow fondant for the head and immediately press onto the body.
  7. Create wings by cutting white circles with the same decorator’s tip. Slice halfway through each circle with the tip of a sharp knife. Pinch the cut points to form wings.
  8. Use a toothpick to push the middle of the wings into the bee’s back.

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