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Work in Progress: Christmas Ornament Kits

Posted by Heather Grimstead on

It's only July, but I'm working on designing Especially Paper's 2015 collection of Christmas ornament kits. Each piece in the kit is designed in Adobe Illustrator, then laser cut from heavyweight card stock. They are designed so that you can enjoy a little craft time and create a new handmade collection for your Christmas tree without all the fuss of starting from scratch.

Little House Ornaments: Inspired by the small white ceramic houses popular with collectors. Pre-scored pieces make accurate folds super easy. Windows and doors have a contrasting color — pick from 8 color options. The kit will include pieces for 12 ornaments, enough to make an instant collection for your Christmas tree.

Retro Ornaments: This vintage-inspired ornament has a unique slotted construction that forms a shape reminiscent of 1950's glass ornaments. These ornaments are also laser cut from heavyweight card stock. The kits will be available in shades of blue, pink and greens, and a red/green/pink color scheme. 

Cuckoo Clock Ornaments: Similar in construction to the houses, these whimsical little cuckoo clocks are white with a contrasting clock and bird. Since they have more pieces, the assembly is a bit more time consuming than the little houses, about 5-6 minutes for one. There will be four color options — red, apple green, navy, and bright pink.

While working on the ornaments, I found a great article on the history of Christmas ornaments and learned that the oldest ornaments are from Germany and Czechoslovakia. Mass manufacturing in the U.S. began in the 30's or 40's, after World War I and II limited imported Christmas ornaments. If you'd like to learn more about the history, check out the article on Collectors Weekly.

Look for Especially Paper's modern day ornament kits to be released in August. Want to know when they are available? Sign up for the Especially Paper email list.

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