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How to Create a CSV File for Place Cards

If you order a set of place cards from Especially Paper, you'll need to provide a list of the guest names to be printed. The list should be provided as a .csv file, which can be created in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. 

Create Your File

Your file should have two or three columns. Place cards with table numbers need three columns: 1) First, 2) Last, and 3) Table columns. Place cards with name only require two columns: 1) First and 2) Last. Please note that the first and last names must be in two separate columns. Type in a new row for each guest.

Example of how your file should look

CSV Example File

Save Your File

To save your file in Microsoft Excel, go to File > Save As and select "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" for the file format.

To save a csv from Google Spreadsheets, go to File > Download As and select "Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet)".

Submit Your File

After placing your order, you'll receive an order confirmation email immediately plus a follow-up message within 24 hours listing details for submitting your file. Reply to the follow-up message and attach the file to your note.

Set-Up Tips

  • Be sure to remove spaces before or after words. If there are spaces, they will be included on the card and may make your text look off-center.
  • Text will appear exactly as you provide it, so double check spelling and enter the capitalization the way you want it to be printed.
  • Do not include any extra text or columns on the csv file.
  • If the file is not set up properly, it may delay your order.
Have questions? Please get in touch. Be sure to provide an accurate email address!