A big thank you to the Silhouette team for featuring Especially Paper on their blog! I created a special project just for the post — a giant, 20” paper flower inspired by bright, sunny cosmos. Silhouette users can download the template from the Silhouette store. 

Now, let’s talk about how to make that flower! You can also download a PDF instruction sheet with step-by-step photos.

  1. Download the 3D flower template from the Silhouette store. Cut 8 petals, 14 center strips, and one of each of the other pieces from 65lb card stock. For a more dynamic center, use two shades of card stock, cutting 7 strips from each color. The strips are sized to fit 7 strips on an 8.5" x 11" sheet.

  2. OPTIONAL: Use a bone folder to score vein lines into the petals. Start at the top center and create a gentle curve that follows the shape of the petal, ending at the bottom notch. Add color to the petals using your favorite medium. I love using a cosmetic sponge to apply soft pastels from PanPastel — that's what you'll see featured in photos. 

  3. Apply glue to the edge of one tab at the base of the petal.  Slightly overlap the tabs and adhere with glue. Repeat until you’ve formed 8 petals.

  4. Cut seven center strips from each of two colors (14 total). For each set, glue the ends to form one long strip. Use a bone folder or closed scissor blades to apply pressure and gently curl 6-8 of the tabs. Curl the next tabs in the opposite direction. Continue until both strips are completely curled.

  5. Stack and glue the ends of the two colors together, positioning so that the tabs alternate. Loosely roll the strips together, keeping the bottom straight edge even. When you reach the end of each strip, glue the end to keep in place.

  6. OPTIONAL: Use a marker to add color to the base of the stamens on the circle center piece.

  7. For both center pieces, curl the tabs with your bone folder, alternating the direction of the curl. Fold the tabs up at the base and glue the smaller stamen circle on top of the larger circle. Glue the rolled fringe inside of the layered center pieces.

  8. Glue four petals to the base, using the outer notches as guides. To keep the petals even, place each petal so that the center notch meets the small tick mark guide in the center of the base. Repeat the process, adding four petals on top, placing between the first four petals.

  9. Glue the flower center in the middle of the petals.

That's it, easy peasy! I hope you enjoy this free project. Once you've crafted your paper flower, share it on Instagram and tag @esppaper. I’d love to see them! Follow @esppaper on Instagram for tips, tutorials, and paper craft inspiration.

January 15, 2023