Print the banner

Printable banners are provided as PDF files. You’ll need the free Acrobat Reader program to view and print the files. This program is installed by default on most computers.

  1. Print all the pages or just the ones you need by selecting the pages radio button and typing the page range in the test box.
  2. Unless you prefer smaller flags, set page scaling to "none".
  3. Under page setup, set the orientation to landscape.

Six simple ways to assemble the banner

After printing, trim each bunting flag on the dotted line. If you want to create a top flap, fold on the top dotted line instead of cutting. Use one of the methods below to assemble the banner.

String it: Punch holes in the corners and string the flags. The method allows flags to slide for adjustments.

Tie it: After punching holes in the top corners, use ribbon, tulle, or twine to tie the flags together.

Slit it: Don’t have a hole punch? Cut slits instead. Use a craft knife and cutting mat or pinch a fold in the corner and cut with scissors. This approach works particularly well for flat ribbons.

Pin it: Mini clothespins are popular and an easy way to add flags to a string or ribbon.

Fold it: Rather than trimming the top dotted line, fold over the string to create a top flap. Tape the flap on the back or glue the edge. If you use glue, but sure to use it only on the edge so that you can adjust the position of the flag.

Brad it: Use brads to connect the top corners of the flags. This method will create a little overlap of the flags.

More printing and assembly tips: Cupcake flags